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My New Automatic Swatch Jelly Fish

Swatch Vintage Watch Talk

Swatch Automatic Jelly Fish

In the 80’s, where I went to elementary school, the more Swatches you owned, and the more you wore simultaneously, the cooler you were. I wasn’t very cool because I only had one, but the one I had was, and still is, an undisputed Swatch classic: the Jelly Fish.

I don’t remember what happened to my Jelly Fish, but I always loved that watch, and I’ve often wished that I’d kept it. In fact, about a month ago, while in a particularly nostalgic mood, I decided to see if I could find a used Jelly Fish to add to my collection. Not only was I lucky enough to find a brand new Swatch Jelly Fish, but amazingly, the one I found was automatic.

My new Automatic Swatch Jelly Fish is by far the rarest watch I own (which doesn’t translate into the most valuable, mind you). Swatch never made an automatic Jelly Fish, so I imagine there are only a few of these in existence. It was pieced together by someone in Belgium, and he did an excellent job. I think the band is new (meaning not original), but the case, hands, and the dial are all original 1985 Swatch Jelly Fish in perfect condition. The Swatch automatic movement also appears to be brand new, and works flawlessly. Through the clear plastic back, you can see the words “Swatch Automatic,” “Swiss,” and “23 JEWELS” etched into the rotor. I think I’m just as excited about my new Swatch Jelly Fish as I was about the original my mom bought me from Macy 20 years ago for $35. And this time, I’m keeping it.

By Christian Cantrell

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  1. Hello, I used to own one too in 1987. Could you tell me where you bought yours & how much? Thanks.


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