Moving to the watch, you’ll quickly notice the case of the Lum-Tec G5 sets this watch apart from the rest. Lum-Tec is known for their different styles of cases, and the G series uses a square skeletonized case, giving the watch a nice rugged appeal. Constructed from high quality 316L stainless steel, the case width measures in at 45mm, and has a LTL measurement of 57mm. While the case does have a “beefy” measurement, the overall case height is only 13mm, and has a total weight (including straps) of 113 grams, which is quite impressive with the overall measurements of the G5.


The bezel of the G5 sports a sprocket edging, and rests atop of the upper casing, giving the watch a bit of rounded flair to the square case. Protecting the dial is a double-sided clear AR coated sapphire crystal that sits flush with the bezel. Most companies are using AR coating on their sapphire crystals these days, but only a few actually go beyond inside coating.

The dial of the G5 is simple and clean with a matte black, and sports the blue MDV Technology. Keeping with the theme of the casing, the hour and minute hands are skeletonized, with the second hand having a solid circle three quarters of the way up the arm. The 12 and 6 markers are both Arabic numerals, with all the other hour indicators using dual lumed markers. At the 3 o’clock position you will find the circular date window, which is easily legible from wrist angle. Powering the G series is the reliable all Swiss Rhonda 515 quartz movement, making this watch a great grab and go option.



  1. Sorry, that is one “unatractive” (I’m being kind) wristwatch.

  2. Eh, it’s an unconventional design, sure. Unattractive, though? I don’t think so… It’s got a certain appeal precisely because it’s unusual and visually “loud”. It’s pretty much made to stand out, and in that sense, I’d say it’s pretty good-looking.

    Also. Kinda wondering who, in the end, won. The widget on the giveaway page (at the time of this writing) isn’t showing any entries or winners.


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