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The Genesis X1 will be available with either a rubber strap or leather strap each with corresponding color accents. In this case, I was able to test out the rubber strap version and was pleased overall with the design and comfort. The watch is designed with 24mm lugs so at least in the case of the rubber strap I found it to be quite substantial measuring around 6mm thick near the lugs and tapering to around 3mm at buckle. Keep in mind the rubber strap is made of silicon so it will collect a touch of lint so just be prepared to wipe it down from time to time. My photographs should show you what to expect in this area. As with most silicon rubber straps, it is quite soft and comfortable on the wrist. One of the great design aspects of the rubber strap is the length. Again, so many companies just fall short with the strap, no pun intended, as it seems the Genesis X1 strap right out of the box will fit wrists probably approaching 9 inches or more allowing for some strap to rest under at least one of keepers. I hope the leather strap provides the same length that is provided by the silicon option.


If you are looking for a sports watch with a lot of flair and quality specifications, then definitely check out what LIV Watches has to offer. Besides all the quality specifications covered above, remember this is a Swiss Made final product, which just seems to garner an added amount of respect. Overall the watch has a significant feel to it unlike many fashion watches seen in the marketplace. It is becoming harder all the time to find a Swiss Made watch, at an introductory price under $400 USD, especially when the production is limited. LIV also goes a step further by providing a little piece of mind backing their product with a lengthy 5-year warranty. I would like to thank Chaz and his staff for working with on arranging the review of the Genesis X1 prototype. I would also like to thank each of you for reading and look forward to your thoughts and comments. Stayed tuned as I hope to have a final production Genesis X1 in a few months and plan on following up with a short video to go over the enhancements from prototype to production.



Michael Wolfe has been a watch fan for years. Michael has been developing his watch review techniques over the past 4-5 years. His true passion involves reviewing dive watches in any price category, but also enjoys stepping out and reviewing other watch styles from time to time. Michael is developing a reputable following and solid reputation for the insight he provides through his reviews. When Michael isn't immersed in a watch review, his other interests include following college athletics and spending time with his family.


  1. cool looking watch !

  2. So cool!!

    • Thank you, we appreciate the feedback!

  3. very cool

  4. I just purchased this IP model with the orange numerals, the watch is simply gorgeous! Coolest watch in the price range (and substantially above the price range) you can buy.
    Love it!

  5. I stumbled across LIV watches on Instagram and was instantly impressed by the design and (somewhat) reasonable price. I ordered a Genesis X1 and extra strap on a Thurs night from my iPhone and the site said ‘order placed’ or something to that effect. My Visa shows a charge pending but I never received any sort of confirmation email for my order….which you get from pretty much ANY online retailer these days. I got zip, nothing. No confirmation of order, no receipt, nothing.

    I emailed LIV on Friday asking for confirmation of order…no response. Monday rolls around and I’m thinking surely someone will get back to me today. Still, no email, order confirmation, tracking number, nothing. I call the LIV office on their phone number and no answer.

    LIV makes cool watches but they have a thing or two to learn about customer service. I’m sure they have a small group and maybe someone is on holidays but in 2015 it’s not acceptable for an online retailer to not have some sort of emailer in place to confirm orders, and issue a receipt. Maybe I’m too impatient but I expect immediate action from online retailers or I don’t use them again. The whole point of dealing with online companies is to A) get the best price, and B) because it should be quick and convenient.

    I’m hoping that someone at LIV gets back to me by end of tomorrow otherwise I will contact Visa to reverse the charge and I’ll buyt a different watch.

    • So….I thought I should follow uo on my last post. Yesterday I got an email from LIV saying their office had been closed for 10 days and that for some reason the auto-emailer didn’t work when my order was first placed. Then this morning I also got a phone call from LIV assuring me the watch is shipping today. All in all I am happy with how they dealt with the situation but I suggested to them that if aa small office is completely shut down for a period they should have some sort of notification on their website.
      Looking for ward to getting my watch!

      • Glad to hear all worked out well! Send us some pics when you get your Genesis X1

      • I had the same. Exactly the same. Several emails, conversations with my credit card company, etc and only now have I got a response. I contacted America in the end as I was not making much progress via The watches are being shipped in the next few days and I hope then someone will contact me asking for my address. Very concerning that none of the basics for online retailing are being applied to the business model. Peter

        • @Peter – I’m sorry about the experience you had as well, regarding our communication, we have put processes in place to ensure that there are systems in place when our office is closed. Regarding your experience with, that is completely out of our control (it is being run by but we are working with them to try to expedite everything. Either way we appreciate the feedback!

        • @Peter – Just to clarify regarding Born, they did promise that the watches would be delivered in October… and they will make sure that you get the watch by the end of October! So in that regard they are on track!

    • @WatchGuy – We do apologize for this experience and we appreciate your feedback. We have put processes in place to ensure this will not happen again! Would love it if you could post your thoughts on the watch on this thread!

  6. When i discovered kickstarter i really want to find something new and exclusive, but ive never imagined i can buy such an amazing watch. Then when the project was funded i have problems with my credit card, because of my country, then after a few emails the livTeam send me a promotional code for buy my watch at the original kickstarter price, i cant believe that, they really care about my issue and help with a solution.

    The watch itself is a masterpiece, with an incredible packaging and great build quality. The unique style of every detail definitely make the difference, and the price also is a big deal.

  7. I came across the LIV watch via Instagram and loved the look and design, jumped and read more about how it started and connected even more with the brand. I loved the idea of its inception. I ended up at the time taking the plunge and purchasing a watch I’ve seen only on photos which is not something I usually do.

    When it arrived, the first thing I was impressed with is the looks and make quality. I have few high end 4k+ brands and this watch was up there with the quality, build and looks.

    I’ve had few people complement the look and ask about it, the story about how it stated is always a nice thing to add to the conversation.

    It’s now about 4 months since my purchase and so far really happy with watch, great quality, unique looks and definitely one to add to the anyone’s collection.

    I have few raw pics of the watch on Instagram, look up sam.farid.

  8. When my hubby first came across LIV watch, it was via IG. Seeing how he was going ooh and aah over it, so I decided to surprise him with one. Though it took quite a while to reach us but the wait was all worth it.

    It is one of his better looking watches in his collection, striking orange on black. He is considering the limited editions soon i guess.

    Definitely a watch that he recommends to his friends.

  9. I first saw the watch on instagram and a few days later ordered direct form LIV. Unfortunately due to Portuguese customs I had way too many problems to import the watch but Esti of LIV was always helpful and eventually no thanks to Portuguese customs I got the watch. The look and feel of the watch is very good considering it’s price and it has some nice features that you would normally only get on more exclusive devices. My favorite watch is actually the Panerai but the LIV stands beside it well and I’m wearing it more than my Panerai’s at the moment..… I am a very happy owner !

  10. Happy to update since my last post. Contact with LIV (Esti) who put my mind at rest. He played point on getting the watch to me and I could not be more pleased with his communication and the quality of the watch itself. It oozes quality – aesthetically and build quality. A lovely piece. Well done, chaps.

  11. Hi All, I have the same situation with LIV watches – NO confirmation e-mail, NO order status… Contacted Liv watch via e-mail, nice lady promised to organize quick shipment and delivery, but almost a week has passed and nothing changed. I do understand that it’s busy time now, but just let your Customers know whether watches will be shipped or the order should be cancelled. I am waiting for 1 more day and cancel the payment…. Very sorry that can’t receive this very nice watches(

    • @Alex – Just saw this post, not sure what happened, we do answer customers right away. Did you sort everything out?

  12. Awesome watches! I recently received the Limited Edition Kickstarter Green! Best watch I’ve ever owned and I have many others including high end Tag’s. Can’t wait to get my next one!

  13. @LIVWatches if I buy a watch through kickstarter, when will I receive the watch? The estimated shipping is August, is that accurate? Thanks.

    • @Bill Byrne -Just saw your comment, looks like you sorted this out in the meantime :).

  14. “I see the future!…. Soon, every one who appreciates beauty and art is going to own one of these watches”

    I like it when some one takes the extra step to construct something well… like for example… It looks like they have really dedicated time and ingenuity in making these LIV watches a work of art.

    Every single detail on the watch is perfect, including the Swiss Movement and its sweeping motion of the ‘Second Hand’, (I am referring to the Automatic series GX1-A), of which I already own two of them.

    One of the rules I LIV by is: “If you want something well done, then do it your self”.

    Well!… It seems like the owner of the company, him/her self, is making these watches; they are beautiful, elegant, sporty and sturdy looking… In other words: they are, definitely, well done.


    Mr. Wilson.


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