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Jubileon Superellipse Chronograph Watcha Edition Review

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Jubileon Superellipse Watcha Edition

Jubileon Superellipse Watcha Edition

Jubileon Singapore is about to launch their latest watch, the Jubileon Superellipse Chronograph. There will be a preorder and possibly a Kickstarter but today I will be concentrating on the Watcha Edition. If you are not familiar with Watcha, it is a popular Facebook Group and website and they have collaborated with Jubileon to do a special edition of this upcoming release. Available in 75 pieces total with 3 variations (all with Panda dial) of case finishes, making it 25 watches per variation. Preorders for this model will start on February 22, and the only way to get this Watcha Edition is by being a member of their Facebook Group (all info below).

Jubileon Superellipse Watcha Edition

Jubileon Superellipse Watcha Edition Specifications:

  • Movement: Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750
  • Case: Stainless steel 316L with 3 option colors (polished silver, IP vintage gunmetal, and vintage rose gold)
  • Crystal: Sapphire glass AR coated
  • Dial: Panda Theme (black & white)
  • Subdial: W logo disk at 9
  • Lug width: 22mm
  • Diameter: 42mm
  • Thickness: 15.3mm
  • Lug to lug: 51mm
  • Crown to crown: 49mm
  • Dual Crown: Screw Down
  • Water Resistance: 100m
  • Exhibition Caseback: Sapphire glass
  • Limited edition: 25 pieces each case
  • strap: denim leather

Price -Preorder price $750.

Preorder Date is 2/22/19 
Preorder by adding +1 to pinned post at www.facebook.com/groups/watcha.watch


Jubileon Superellipse Watcha Edition

The watch I have in hand is a sample and because of that, I want to list what changes are going to be made to the production version, which for the most part applies to both this Watcha Edition and the regular version. Copy/paste below direct from the brand owner:

Inner Bezel Numeral “1” Font: You may notice that the current inner bezel may not align to the hour index of the dial. this is because of the numeral “1” where the measurement includes the edge. Hence the misalignment of the inner bezel marking. We will change the font of the numeral “1” to ” 1 ” (a straight line instead).

Leather Strap:

Improving the stamping sign for deeper and clearer of our branding.

Removal of the wording “genuine leather” from the strap.

Buckle Logo: Will make solid engraving the logo rather than outline engraving because the current engraving is too light to notice our logo.

Faded Grey Dial: The minute tracker and wording “Superellipse Chrono” at 6 o’clock will be in white color font / marking instead of black because it can’t be seen clearly through our naked eye.

Exhibition Caseback:

Sapphire Glass will be bigger to reveal the whole rotor especially our engraving branding on it.

The font size of “Superellipse Chrono” and “Limited Edition 00/50” will be bigger.

Crown Logo: Logo is missing “SG”.

Jubileon Superellipse Chronograph Watcha Edition

The Jubileon Superellipse Watcha Edition is not a style of watch that I am used to or, one that I would normally look at twice. Now, I say that because it’s true. I find it to be an attractive watch but square watches have never really been my thing, and if I did buy one, they did not last long in the collection. I have always looked at the square Bell and Ross watches but can never pull the trigger. This is not exactly the same thing as the B&R, but you get my point. That said, it does wear much better on the wrist than I thought it would and that is due to a short lug to lug, and curved lugs as well. The 42mm case size is deceiving though as the crown to crown measurement is 49mm, making the watch wear more like a 44-45mm overall. Here it is below on my 7 1/2 inch wrist.

Jubileon Superellipse Watcha Edition

The dial of the  Jubileon Superellipse Watcha Edition is a typical Valjoux 7750 layout but the big difference here is the second’s subdial. Instead of the traditional sweep seconds, you get a seconds disk, adorned with the Watcha “W” logo. I think this is a nice touch to the dial and definitely unique, though it is very difficult to see the numbers through the circle cut-out on the disc. This makes the seconds almost obsolete. I did not see this in the list of changes for the production models, so hopefully, this review can serve as some feedback for them and possibly make the hole a little larger to make the seconds more visible.

Jubileon Superellipse Chronograph Watcha Edition

Jubileon Superellipse Chronograph Watcha Edition

Something not regularly seen on a watch such as this would be the inner rotating bezel. Most of the time that bezel would be for elapsed time, like on a dive watch. That is not the case here. This bezel can be used for a second-time-zone. This is a feature that is probably more useful than timing bezel for many, as so many of us travel these days, and while we all have our phones and tablets with us wherever we go, us watch guys like to have useful complications on our watches when we can.

Jubileon Superellipse Chronograph Watcha Edition

Two straps will be included with the Watcha Edition, the absolutely fantastic leather strap with X -edge stitching and a canvas jean style strap as well. Both straps compliment the watch very well and I found both to very comfortable. While the canvas strap is very well made, the leather strap is where it is at for me with this watch.

Jubileon Superellipse Chronograph Watcha Edition

Jubileon Superellipse Chronograph Watcha Edition

The case back shows off the Valjoux 7750 Automatic Movement and the rotor is branded, but otherwise rather plain. Since this is a prototype I did not really test accuracy; I did not notice any real deviation, as that would be another issue. Because of the price, I do not expect a lavish or elaborate case back but I am one of those that like to see something a little more when I look through the glass. Those that are fans of seeing the movement in a watch though will be happy I am sure.

Jubileon Superellipse Chronograph Watcha Edition

The lume of the Jubileon Superellipse Chronograph Watcha Edition is surprisingly very nice, especially for a prototype. The one thing missing, in my opinion, is luming the W on the seconds’ disk. It would be a nice added touch to the design and while it would not improve functionality, it would definitely up the cool factor.

Jubileon Superellipse Chronograph Watcha Edition

I want to be very clear with something here. I pride myself on being as objective as possible with any watch I review. This watch is no different. While I am friends with the owner of the Watcha group, Shane, he was told upfront I would still do the normal review. I know both Shane and Jubileon are hoping for many preorder sales and I do hope they sell all of them. I personally would not be a buyer because the design does not do it for me, but I do find this watch to be a head turner. I am a fan of panda dials and the case finishing is superb. The design is also unique, should you pick one up, you would be wearing something different from the majority of the microbrand offerings. As far as the price, you have seen me review watches here on Watchreport that cost this much with a Miyato 9015 and were a simple 3 handed dive watch. The fact this is a Valjoux Chrono for under $800 is a hell of an offering for sure. Info on how to order is in the specifications section above, and February 22nd is the start date. I hope it does well.

Jubileon Superellipse Chronograph Watcha Edition

I've been an avid watch lover since the age of 7. Watches are not only my hobby but a passion. My favorite style used to be dive watches, but field or non bezel watches have been growing on me. When I'm not reviewing watches I am either cooking or with family and friends.

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