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Hager Watches Commando Professional Watch Review

Dive Hager Hands on Watch Reviews

hager watches commando professional

If you like funky packaging, the Hager Commando Professional comes in a plastic scuba tank, something that Citizen used to do with their Aqualand series (not sure if they still do). I am more of a fan of functional cases, say like a travel case, but if you get a lot of watches and like packaging that stands out, this would be it.

hager watches commando professional

The 42mm case comes in either all stainless steel or a DLC coated version, and both have a combination of brushed and polished finishes. (Polished case sides and crown, polished bezel, brushed top of case, brushed middle of bracelet, polished outer links).

hager watches commando professional

The dials are a matte greyish/blue, but can look grey in some light and black in others, and this is true for all the variations of the Commando. Broad sword arrow and minute hands with a lume circle dot on the second hand provide the time, while large chrome applied markers filled with generous amounts of lume paint help to complete the dial. The date is located between the 4 and 5 o’clock markers, which allows their to be a full size marker at the 3 o’clock position. For the GMT, of course you have an extra hand that you can set for your second time zone, and it is a blue stem with a large luminous triangle outlined in red, for easy readability.

hager watches commando professional

The crown functions well on both variations, no wobble or scratchiness and is easy to screw out and back in. The bezel of course is a little different between the 3 hand and GMT versions of course, with the 3 hand having your basic dive bezel, and the GMT having the 24 hour bezel. All variations have a ceramic insert, and the markers and numbers are lumed as well. I did find the bezel somewhat difficult to grasp and turn, as it is not raised far off the case. The teeth of the bezel are pretty grippy, so if you get a good grasp on it, you should be able to make do.

When it comes to case finishing, all models are done very well, but I will admit that the coating between the links of the DLC models can be a little bit better. It appears that the links were not coated individually, rather they were done after assembly, or that is how it looks to me. I could be wrong. You will not see any stainless steel between the links, at least not on the models I was sent, but I did see the rainbow effect on most of the inside links, where it shows that it was not evenly coated all the way.

hager watches commando professional

Speaking of assembly, maybe now is a good time to discuss where Hager Watches are manufactured. I am told that the watches are produced with parts from various factories, some in China, some in Switzerland, and other countries and all shipped to be assembled in Hagerstown Maryland. So, yes, while the watch parts are manufactured elsewhere, they are put together in the USA.

hager watches commando professional

Another thing I would like to talk about would be the movements used. The 3-hand variations use the Miyota 9015 movement, which I think most are familiar with at this point, as many micro brands use them, and many we have reviewed here. They have branded it the HGR 52. The GMT uses a movement they call the HGR 60. Now, it is based off the ETA 2836, but ETA does not make a GMT function for that movement. Hager worked with a third party in Switzerland to procure a base movement, and other parts to make this movement. From their own words, they could probably have listed it is a Swiss movement, but they would rather be upfront and transparent about it.

hager watches commando professional

The bracelet is very nice, and the links are nice and solid with a good heft to them. The watch itself is quite hefty at 229 grams unsized, and this is due to the fact that is should easily fit up to a 9 inch wrist with all the links. I myself sized one of them down to fit my 7 ½ inch wrist, and took out 6 links! The clasp is very reminiscent of the Omega PO clasp and locks in place securely and you deploy it using the two buttons. I talk about it in the video, but another nice feature is the way the last link before the clasp has a space cut out to allow the clasp to sit in this space, so you will never have to worry about scratch marks from your clasp on the links. There’s one drawback to this clasp though, it does not have any micro adjustments, and the bracelet does not have any half links, so it might prove getting the perfect fit a little difficult. Fortunately that was not an issue for my wrist size. I think it would have been nice, at this price point to see another strap thrown in as well, like a Cuda or other type of rubber strap. This would allow people to have a choice, and also for some that might not be able to a get a good fit with the bracelet, not have to search for aftermarket options.

hager watches commando professional

The lume on the dial and hands is very bright and long lasting; bezel lume is a little lacking though. I’ve seen this on a few dive watches lately, and it’s just a matter of not enough lume paint being applied to the bezel. While it is not a huge issue for me personally, and the bezel does lume up, it is just weaker than the rest and needs to be pointed out.

hager watches commando professional

I really have grown fond of the Hager Commando Professional though, in both size and quality. With the brushed and polished finishes it has an upscale look, although I do prefer and all brushed finish for a tool diver. If I were to compare this watch with other brands, I would say these easily compare to a Christopher Ward C60 or a Raven Vintage, in style, movement choice and price. And if you like a domed sapphire crystal and a ceramic bezel, the Hager might even have a step up on them. Is there a place for the Hager Commando Professional in the watch world? I think so. Overall they are very well made watches, with all the bells and whistles we usually look for. The blue ceramic on the DLC 3 hand is my favorite of the bunch, just because I like the cleaner dial, and the contrast of the dark DLC and medium blue bezel.

Thank you to Hager Watches for allowing us to have all these models for the past few weeks to check out and review and you can see all the variations of the collection here at the Hager Website: HERE.

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I've been an avid watch lover since the age of 7. Watches are not only my hobby but a passion. My favorite style used to be dive watches, but field or non bezel watches have been growing on me. When I'm not reviewing watches I am either cooking or with family and friends.

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  1. I love watches and i am very interested in getting my first Hager.


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