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Epos 3504 Diver Hands-On Watch Review

Epos Watches Hands on Watch Reviews

Epos 3504 Diver

Epos produces many different collections, but if you look under the Sportive collection, you will find a lot of derivative models, such as this Epos 3504 Diver. This latest piece has a similar look and feel to a Submariner, with a few tweaks here and there as you will see in this review. Unlike many watch brands that do homages, this is not what one would call an affordable watch at $1,428, which makes some wonder why not do something a little more original at that price. I obviously can’t answer that question, but I can give you a good look at it here and talk all about the pros and cons of the Epos 3504 Diver.

Epos 3504 Diver




Epos 3504 Diver

Like any watch that mimics the Rolex Submariner, many enthusiasts or purists will knock it for not being original. That is definitely the risk you take when you decide to do a watch such as this. Now, there are countless watches like this on the market, everything from Steinhart to Davosa and so many others, and all at different price points. The Epos 3504 Diver isn’t cheap though, and with that price tag, many are expecting a watch that will blow them away, because let’s face it, you can buy a similar-looking watch for much less. I would say the reason Epos can get away with producing a watch like this is, as I mentioned earlier, they have a very extensive catalog, so this is just one of many. And it is not an exact copy, with the dial being the most notable difference between a Submariner and Submariner homages.

Make no mistake about it though, this case, the bezel, and bracelet will make many think you have a Rolex on your wrist. With this bracelet, Epos went with highly polished center links that match the case sides and massive 8mm crown, and for those that like it, this is a flashy and beautiful looking piece, I personally would rather brushed links and case sides, but I am usually in the minority on that. That all said, it really is a beautifully finished watch, and looking all around at the finishing and the fine details, you can start to see some of that hefty price tag, and see this is not your average homage watch. That large crown is easy to grip and another thing that allows it to stand out from the Submariner, and it is also very smooth in function. On the opposite side of the case, you have the helium release valve, a trend which I truly wish would die, but so many still believe that if you hop in the water you will be overcome with helium and your watch will break, so until watch enthusiasts get educated, I am afraid we will continue to see this for some time.

Epos 3504 Diver

The dial is where the Epos 3504 Diver is where this watch strays away from the norm. The hands and indices are much slimmer and more elegant than one would expect for a 500m dive watch, and the blue sunray dial is absolutely gorgeous. Two other colors are available, black and green, and I have to say, the green does look fantastic as well. Everything is crips and extremely legible, but the one thing they didn’t leave off was the date magnifier.

Yes, for some reason Epos felt the need to copy the cyclops as many of us call it, the huge eye sore of sapphire atop the crystal, to magnify the date. Now in fairness, this is a very good one and does a great job of actually magnifying the date, unlike some, but I would definitely prefer it without.

The bracelet is beautiful as well, yes, a lot of high polish going on here, but for those that like it, it is a striking bracelet for sure. Screws in the links for easy sizing, and a very well-done clasp with an old-school extension, but it is lacking any real micro-adjustment holes in the claps. Fortunately, there are half links included on the bracelet, so hopefully, you will be able to size this and get a perfect fit.

Epos 3504 Diver

For me, the magic number was 3. Yes, 3 links were removed for Epos 3504 Diver, and that allows it to sit very comfortably on my 7.5 inches, or 19.05cm wrist. Keep in mind, those were 3 full links I removed, I kept the half links in. With this piece being larger than the standard Submariner or homage, it definitely feels like more of a chunk on the wrist, and it is at 203 grams, but everything is very well balanced and it really is a joy to wear.

Epos 3504 Diver

One thing that really does perplex me is the choice of using a standard grade movement. At $1500, I would have expected Epos to at least be using an elabore, or even better a top or chronometer grade movement for the price. Keep in mind, brands such as Christopher Ward produce COSC pieces at this price, and a little lower in fact, so it is completely possible. As it is, this is a standard SW200-1 being used.

Epos 3504 Diver

And then there is the lume. Looking at the thin indices and hands, I was not expecting a torch, and though this really isn’t the watch that will light your path in a dark room, the lume is actually very good, and also applied very evenly, and can be seen for 3-4 hours in the dark no problem.

As you can see, the Epos 3504 Diver does have a lot to offer, and all in all, it is a very well-made and finished piece, and definitely stands out in a crowded sea of Submariner homages. That said, I think they overdid it with the high polish, they could have left off the cyclops and the standard grade movement is a letdown for me, but these are all things that are subjective, just like all watches and products, but Epos does produce a great watch, just that this one wasn’t exactly great, at least for this reviewer.

Epos 3504 Diver

I've been an avid watch lover since the age of 7. Watches are not only my hobby but a passion. My favorite style used to be dive watches, but field or non bezel watches have been growing on me. When I'm not reviewing watches I am either cooking or with family and friends.

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