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The New Seiko Prospex 6R15 Divers

For many years now, Seiko has sold a line of mechanical dive watches based on the trusty 7S26 movement (the heart of the watch). They retail for under $200, they are well made and reliable, and they are generally considered to be excellent "beaters". The problem is that the 7S26 movement is burdened with a couple of design compromises: you can't wind it by hand, and it is a non-hacking movement, which means that when you pull the stem out all the way, the movement doesn't stop as you migh..

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The Rolex Anniversary Submariner (16610LV)

I can't deny that I'm a big Rolex fan. But for a watch enthusiast to love Rolex is a little like a basketball fan saying he loves Michael Jordan. It's sort of unoriginal, and even a little pedestrian. But I make no apologies for my tastes. I think Rolexes are some of the best made and most beautiful watches in the world. I have a GMT Master II and a Sea Dweller (review coming soon), but the quintessential Oyster Professional Rolex is the Submariner. I'm hoping to make one large watch purc..

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Review of the Seiko Kinetic Scubamaster “Stingray”

It took a long time to add the Seiko Scubamaster "Stingray" to my collection of divers. I don't remember where I first came across this watch, but since the moment I saw it, I was smitten. After over a month of frantic and persistent searching, I finally came across someone who was willing to part with the exact watch I was looking for. That was about a year ago, and despite all the other watches I've gotten since, it continues to see more than its fair share of wrist time. The Seiko Kine..

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The Seiko Blue Monster

If you're a Seiko fan, then you've probably heard of the Seiko Orange Monster. It's a must-have for all Seiko collectors. And if you're a real Seiko diver fanatic, you might even have the Seiko Yellow or Black Monsters, as well. But now, there's a new monster to add to your collect: the Seiko Blue Monster. The Seiko Blue Monster (Ref. SKZ213K1) is a beautiful, limited edition piece. Features include: Thick, brushed stainless steel case. Domed sapphire crystal. Uni-direction..

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Kobold Auctions a Soarway Diver SEAL for Katrina Victims

American watchmaker Michael Kobold, along with one of my favorite actors, James Gandolfini, are auctioning an incredible one-of-a-kind Soarway Diver SEAL package for the benefit of Hurricane Katrina victims. Since the American Red Cross is endorsing the auction, I'm assuming the proceeds will go to them, which I believe is the worthiest cause that exists right now. The Kobold Soarway SEAL Avantgarde is one of the most robust watches I have seen. It is waterproof to 1,000 meters (3,300 fee..

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