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 Cobra de Calibre steel cobra 2

The Steel Cobra 2 is fitted with a large sapphire crystal measuring approximately 35.5mm in overall diameter. The crystal features a high quality anti-reflective (AR) coating as the glare is quite minimal providing a great view of the artistic dial and handset without having to worry about any significant glare whatsoever. One of the great bonuses of such a large sapphire crystal is that the size will most certainly lend to the illusion of a slightly larger than the advertised 42mm watch. Beneath the sapphire crystal is a gorgeous artistic snow-white dial. Now, I admit the artistic features of this model might not be for everyone, but it sure does provide a very unique overall appearance. I did have a chance to speak with the company owner to gain some insight on the dial design aspects. I was advised the design below center dial is quite simply a girl, a skull and a snake, which are some favorite design elements of the company owner. At one time the company owner noticed a similar design in the form of a tattoo on a girl and it just stuck with him. The design most certainly adds artistic flair to this particular model making it unlike any other watch on the market with the other quality specifications yet to be discussed. All of the typical dial branding normally found above and below center dial is located above center dial. The Asian writing simply spells ‘Cobra’ using Chinese characters. The Cobra 2 has quite a bit of surface area on the dial, so while busy, all of the artistic features and typical branding works rather than appearing cramped.

 Cobra de Calibre steel cobra 2

The next feature I want to point out is the applied markers surrounding the dial. I prefer applied markers to painted markers, as I tend to believe applied markers provide a much more expensive and detailed appearance for any watch. Instead of using typical applied markers containing lume, the Cobra employs domed high polished markers containing zero lume adding additional flair to the dial. Even in low lighting conditions the marker design provides some reflectiveness, which aids in telling the time. The perfect handset, sword and arrow, was selected as well which is finished to match the dial markers. There are lume dots applied to the dial on either side of the 12 o’clock markers, which charge up quite nicely providing great orientation for the dial in darkened conditions. Along with the lume on the hands telling the time in darkened conditions isn’t difficult at all. The lume appears to be C3 Superluminova so the hands and lume dots on the dial glow quite brightly providing significant afterglow for hours that one would expect from C3.

Cobra de Calibre steel cobra 2

Next, the Steel Cobra 2 case back is screwed down to the upper case. The model is 300 meters water resistant so the screwed down case back is typical. The case back has the typical specification and model information etched on it. In the center portion of the case back is an etched serpent and anchor, which is just another design element that the company owner really appreciates. Beneath the case back beats the highly regarded Miyota 9015 automatic movement. The movement allows for hand winding and has the popular hacking feature. Of course the feature of this movement that everyone appreciates, including myself, is the smooth sweep of the second hand similar to ETA automatic movements. The movement has been highly accurate since arrival within just a few seconds +/- a day. I do not believe the movement was adjusted prior to shipping but with the level of accuracy this movement has provided there is no doubt in my mind the Miyota 9015 can be just as reliable as the ETA movements to which it competes against.

Cobra de Calibre steel cobra 2

Moving on to the strap, as I have stated in past reviews, many new watch companies can get the case and case features right, but the strap tends to be an afterthought. In many instances the materials either end up being low quality, too short in length or both. The strap provided by Corba is outstanding. I would compare the strap in overall feel and quality to the water resistant straps also found on Anonimo watch brand models. I’m not certain if the strap is water resistant or not but it is extremely flexible and comfortable on the wrist. The strap measures 22mm at the lug with no taper through to the buckle. The strap is also a substantial 3.5mm thick so it should be quite durable for a long time. Finishing off the strap is a nice signed screw-in pre-v style buckle. Overall, I am extremely impressed with the strap and buckle and wouldn’t change a single aspect.

Cobra de Calibre steel cobra 2

If you are looking for a sports watch with artistic flair along with a ton of quality specifications, then definitely check out the Steel Cobra 2 white dial from Cobra de Calibre. I know the artistic features on the dial are not going to be for everyone but there is definitely a market for the style of this model. The features of this model, including a Miyota 9015 automatic movement, sapphire crystal, great case design and fantastic leather strap, at $399USD really do make it an incredible value. I’m certain the artistic design aspects will also make the watch quite a topic of conversation amongst friends. I would like to thank Cobra de Calibre for working with and arranging the review. I would also like to thank each of you for reading and look forward to your thoughts and comments.

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