Swatch Internet Time

I came across an interesting site recently called which has answers to pretty much any and all time/date related questions. Among their many articles and resources, I found an extremely thorough explanation of Swatch Internet Time, including a tool for converting Internet Time to "standard" time in about 130 different time zones. What is Internet Time? I wrote about Internet Time in my review of the Swatch Paparazzi (watch pictured at right). Internet Time is to time what t..

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Swatch’s New Scuba Collection: the Swatch Fun Scuba

Swatch continues to impress me with watches that are not only fun and affordable, but useful. First, I was won over by the Swatch Paparazzi, and now, as a recreational diver, the Swatch Fun Scuba. The Swatch Fun Scuba comes in seven distinct styles, all but one (the black "Moray's Bite"), predictably wild. Although Swatch's site warns that the Fun Scuba is not a scuba-diving watch, and that it is meant to be used in parallel with a professional dive computer, it looks like a fun and suita..

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Review of the Swatch Paparazzi MSN Direct (SPOT) Watch

The Swatch Paparazzi is a refreshing and welcome addition to the existing line of MSN Direct watches.  It's not that the existing models from Suunto, Fossil and Tissot are lacking -- in fact, I think they range from good (Fossil) to better (Suunto) to amazing (Tissot) -- but the Swatch Paparazzi brings a hipper and more urban feel to a line of watches which thus far tend to be associated with, at best, business men, but more typically, geeks.  Plus, the Paparazzi has put Swatch back on my ..

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