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Review of the Suunto X10m


Up for review today is the Suunto X10m, an improved version of the X9i I reviewed in 2007. It's a GPS watch with a long list of features that belie its understated appearance: GPS: Routes, waypoints, tracks, speed distance, 1 meter (3ft) resolution. Plan and visualize tracks on a PC ahead of time, then download to the watch. Google Earth compatible (screenshots and more below). Altimeter: Altitude, vertical speed, alarms for set altitudes and rates. Temperature compensated. Bar..

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Suunto HelO2 dive computer


Suunto has just announced the release of a new hardcore dive computer, the HelO2. Designed for very serious divers indeed, this computer-interfaced wrist computer has the following features: Full mixed-gas capability. Up to eight gases as primary or secondaries. Incorporates the new 'Suunto RGBM' decompression algorithm. Oxygen contents from 8-100%, helium from 0-92%. Of course, it's waterproof to 120m (390ft). It's paired with graphical Windows-based diver planner software that ..

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Review of the Suunto Core


At WatchReport, we're big fans of outdoor watches. We've reviewed several Casio Pathfinders, and today we have the Suunto Core Light Green. There are eight Core models, differing in case design and coloration. I chose the Light Green for both functional and aesthetic reasons - it's the lightest of the bunch, with aluminum bezel and vented rubber strap, and I prefer normal black-on-white LCDs to the negative variant. The Core is an altimeter/barometer/compass watch, much like the Pathfinde..

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The New Suunto D4 Dive Computer

Suunto recently introduced an entry level dive computer that they're calling the D4. It's not as complex as either the D9 or the Vyper we covered previously; rather, Suunto describes it as "the introductory model in the Suunto diving line". When you're talking about Suunto, however, even "introductory" means an astounding number of features for both SCUBA divers, and free divers: Standard digital watch features like 12/24 hour display, dual time, date, daily alarm, and stopwatch with spl..

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The Suunto Lumi: An Adventure Watch for Women

There aren't a lot of women's outdoor watches on the market. Geeky multifunction tools like the Casio Pathfinder and the Suunto X9i are large even for men, and tend to be functionally styled. The size of the watch case required to accommodate the type of technology found in modern hiking watches, combined with the fact that marketing departments tend to link technology more with men, have kept these types of adventure watches off the wrists of women. The problem is that plenty of women ar..

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