SJOO Sandstrom UTC Extreme II | Watch Review

SJOO Sandstrom UTC Extreme II

SJOO Sandstrom UTC Extreme II SJOO Sandstrom, a brand you may not be familiar with, and might not be able to correctly pronounce (see how I completely butchered the pronunciation in the video). Pronunciation aside, SJOO Sandstrom has quite the array of models, and though I have only seen one in hand to date, I will say I am excited to see more if the opportunity presents itself. Their models are not exactly cheap, seeing as how the UTC Extreme II is priced around $3,400, which definitely pu..

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Sjoo Sandstrom Swedish Night World Timer


At first glance, the watch on the right is a conservatively styled dressy watch with a clean, uncluttered face. A closer look and you might wonder what the pushers are for, as it appears to lack complications. Via, say hello to a brand we've never heard of before, Sjoo Sandstrom. The brand is from Stockholm Sweden, and the watch pictured is the Chronolink Swedish Night. The really interesting part is hidden from sight: the Chronolink is actually two watches on one. On the front, there's an u..

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