The New Sinn 657

We've become big Sinn fans here at WatchReport, and today I learned of a new model, the 657. Available in black chromed steel (shown) or stainless, this update to the 657 adds some features of interest: Updated bezel design, more durable and more readable markers Size increased to a more modern 40mm by 12mm Added a black chapter ring around the dial for readability. Those are just the new features! In addition, it's a bulletproof watch for extreme environments: Anti-magnetic t..

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Review of the Sinn 856 UTC

In my tireless search for unique, robust, and beautiful watches, it was inevitable that I would someday be wearing a Sinn. I chose the 856 UTC as my first Sinn because it represents a very nice balance between functionality and design. Before I get into the specifics of the 856, I want to provide a little background on the Sinn brand. Sinn is a German watch company that has been making mechanical watches since 1961. Sinn is owned by Lothar Schmidt who, in addition to having been with IWC ..

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The Sinn U1000

I've written about Sinn watches before, and in particular, their commitment to innovative engineering. Now it looks like they have outdone themselves once again with a new dive chronograph (stopwatch). Meet the Sinn U1000, a mechanical watch waterproof to 1,000 meters (3,300 feet), and available in either steel or PVD black. As with the other Sinn watches, this one is made from Tegimented steel which is both harder and more corrosion resistant than the normal 316L-grade steel. Innovations..

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Extreme Dive Watches from TechnoMarine, Bell & Ross, MTM, and Sinn

TechnoMarine Abyss Dive watches come in all shapes and sizes, and are available at all different price points. Most watches with a uni-directional rotating bezel and the ability to fit over a wetsuit claim more water resistance then most of us will ever need: usually around 100-200 meters. But the watches I cover in this article go way deeper than your typical diver; deeper than the current 1,220 meter Rolex Sea Dweller; deeper, even, than the Breitling Steelfish which maxes out at a compar..

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Introduction to Sinn: A Convergence of Watchmaking and Engineering

There are as many different reasons to buy watches as there are wearers, and today I'd like to talk about a personal motivator: engineering. Being an engineer myself, I appreciate and savor the work required to find an innovative and elegant solution to a problem, particularly in field of materials science. So how does this related to Sinn? Sinn is a German company making watches with Swiss (ETA) movements, and their engineering is simply superb. I've chosen three of their watches to t..

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