Seiko King Turtle Hands-On Review

Seiko King Turtle

Seiko King Turtle Seiko has listened and finally upgraded the Seiko Turtle. It already has a nickname as well, the Seiko King Turtle, and there are 3 variations currently available. The green dial reviewed here (SPRE05), a black dial with bracelet (SPRE03) and the Save the Ocean model (SPRE07). These new King Turtles sport new waffle dials (except the Save the Ocean, a slightly newer bezel grip, ceramic bezel insert and finally a sapphire crystal. The rest of the watch stays true to the Seiko..

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Seiko Street Series USA Exclusive Watch Review

Seiko Street

Seiko Street Series Seiko USA has released two exclusive versions of the very popular and affordable solar tuna divers, dubbed the Street Series. Part of the Prospex line-up, these versions are only available through Seiko USA. Yes, these are not entirely new models and while the changes for these versions are mostly aesthetic, the new look is very attractive. Both models have a new handset, with vintage colored lume and the same soft and comfortable rubber straps. If you have always wanted a..

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Seiko Samurai Save The Ocean | Hands-On Review

Seiko Samurai Save The Ocean

Seiko Samurai Save The Ocean When I reached out to a friend to check out a Samurai, I was intrigued when he said he was sending the Seiko Samurai Save The Ocean. For those not familiar, Seiko has been releasing a few models with the Save The Ocean badge, and from talking to a few friends and the social media posts I made once this watch arrived, this is a VERY popular model of the Samurai.  *Spoiler-I am not a fan of this Seiko, especially the wave dial. Now, the reason I spoiled that alread..

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The New Seiko Giugiaro Design Chronograph with Astron GPS is here

Seiko Giugiaro Design Chronograph Japanese watchmaker Seiko has recently unveiled the new rebooted version of the Seiko Giugiaro Design Chronograph which is an affordable wristwatch designed by studio Italdesign Giugiaro and comes with Astron GPS. Back in 1983, the company started making this unusually designed watches with asymmetric casing and was styled by Italian automobile designer Giorgetto Giugario. The reason behind such a design was to make it easier to access and use the chr..

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Seiko Prospex Sky Chronograph | Watch Review

Seiko Prospex Sky

Seiko Prospex Sky Solar Chronograph Blue Pilots Watch Over the past few years, I have had some great opportunities to review some fantastic timepieces from well know micro-brands to some not so well known, as well as other interesting watches. When the opportunity presented itself to review one of the most well known watch brands around the globe, I had to immediately jump at the opportunity. When thinking about extremely well know watch brands, Seiko should be right at the top of any list. I..

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