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Review of the Oceanus OCW-S1000 “Manta”


Up for review today is the Oceanus OCW-S1000 "Manta," an analog powerhouse of a dress watch with a formidable inner geek. Like all new Oceanus models, it's solar-powered, radio-set and very well made indeed. This one is the thinnest and lightest in the lineup at 10.2mm thick and 85g, made from titanium with a sapphire crystal. It's a very dressy watch with some interesting tradeoffs. Here are some specs to get us started: 5-band radio receiver (2 in Japan, USA, UK, and Germany) Automatic r..

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The Oceanus OCWM800TBA-1A Super Chronograph

Oceanus OCWM800TBA-1A Super Chronograph

Let me introduce a new model to the Oceanus line up, the OCWM800TBA-1A Super Chronograph. The M800 features everything you would expect from Oceanus in an attractive package designed to compliment the avid traveler in both function and form. “Oceanus is ready to take on the high seas with the newest addition to the luxurious men’s collection, the Super Chronograph OCWM800TBA-1A. Oceanus, the world’s first atomic solar powered chronograph watch is suited for the sophisticated, adve..

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Black Watches: The PVD and IP Processes

View the Oceanus OCWM700TBA-1AV Photo Gallery. Watch Report recently received the black Ion Plated Oceanus OCWM700TBA-1AV. Since I already reviewed its silver-colored titanium sibling (the Oceanus OCWM700TDA-1AV) which has identical functionality, I decided to use this opportunity to write an article on the process of turning metal watches black. When deciding which materials to use for a watch case or bracelet, manufactures have to take several things into consideration like cost, int..

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Review of the Oceanus 5 Motor Tide Graph (OCWM700TDA-1AV)

Announced in July 2007, the sleek and professional Oceanus OCWM700TDA-1A is the latest addition to the Oceanus line of classically styled quartz watches with leading-edge technical features. This Oceanus (which I'll call the 5 Motor Tide Graph) is similar to the OCW600TDA-1AV previously reviewed, however the 5 Motor Tide Graph seems a little more geared toward the worldwide business traveler; not only can it receive atomic time calibration signals in the US, but also in Japan, Germany, and E..

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Oceanus Releases New 5 Motor Watch (OCWM700TDA-1A)

Oceanus has just released a very nice new 5 Motor watch. I recently reviewed an earlier 5 Motor model which I was very impressed with. If you are new to Oceanus watches, Oceanus is a Casio brand which does an excellent job of combining digital technology with a clean and handsome design. The point of the 5 Motor is to pack a great deal of functionality into a nice looking case without using a single LCD. Why the aversion to LCDs? Simple aesthetics. Having a high-tech watch used to mean tr..

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