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The world over, Swiss watches are known to be among the best. This is why it is surprising that one of the best Swiss watches has an American to thank for who they have become. Founded in 1868 by the hands of Florentine Ariosto Jones, IWC Schaffhausen is one of the more recognized watchmakers in the world. Produced in Schaffhausen, these watches are among the most precise in the world.


They are also coming from a company with a company very serious about making sure the environment is protected in every way. It is through this conscientious creation that comes some of the most ingenious and mechanically excellent watches produced.

High Engineering Standards in watchmaking 

The engineering that started IWC Schaffhausen is still alive and well today with some of the best in the business traveling to this small northern Switzerland town. By creating partnerships, it is possible to create watches that are thoughtfully created as well as ones that allow the company to pay attention to their place in the world and for the environment.


The factory even offers tours of the facility, so you can see exactly how they make their watches and how they adhere to their goal of protecting the environment.

As leaders in watchmaking, IWC Shaffhausen makes sure that all movements are made the old fashioned way: by hand. It is through this engineering dedication that all the watches are made to the standards that only these engineers can provide.

Sold throughout the world, every watch is inspected at every step of the process. From the design process through production and in post-production, the watches are tested and retested. It is the expectation that by the time you receive your watch, you can simply expect for it to work for a lifetime.

Purchasing one of these watches is easy after you look through the collection. You will see just how influenced the company is by aviation as well as by the ocean. Precision will be obvious with these hand constructed movements as well as the cases they are put into. This will allow you to have one of the most accurate timepieces in the world in your possession.

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