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  1. I generally really like the look of that, and the fact that it’s an automatic. But imho, 44mm is way too big for that movement. The date window is swimming in the middle of the dial.

  2. I too, like Hamilton and finally took a plunge on one in the last month. I like this watch, and think its a good value at the discounted price. I considered this before very recently going with a Hamilton Khaki King Pilot, which is 46mm with no bezel. It sits a bit too large on the wrist in general, but is attractive and eye catching. I too, more than anything, was disappointed by the reflective sapphire. That, more than anything, was disappointing. I also, was a little bummed at the white day/date wheel on the model I got. I had tried it on numerous times, so compared to others in its price range, I am happy with the purchase, but as a nit-picker, I think a matching day/date wheel with white numerals would have been a superior choice, as would have some AR coating on the crystal. Still, the crystal does not reflect in the way you mentioned in the article, it can only be seen at extreme viewing angles, and is ALMOST a welcome diversity given all of my other pieces with the AR. It now has a bit of a quirk when I wear it.

  3. Trying to make the rubber strap look like a croc leather or leather strap is a shocker!
    The orange 2nd time zone markers are a waste of time and spoil the dial in my opinion.
    That stuttery mile long second hand reminds me so much of my Chopard Mille Miglia GT XL Power Control watch.
    Otherwise a nice watch with a large dial and second hand which hugs the very outer time markings.

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  6. The lack of AR coating on most (if not all) of their mid-range autos continues to annoy this Hamilton fan. I’ve flipped just about all of my black dialed hammies because after a while, I began to lose my patience. After their notable across the board price increase Hamilton instituted last year, it grates even more.

  7. James I agree that 44mm is simply too big. I think at the pricepoint this Hamilton is a very attractive piece, but it just isn’t something that I would wear personally. I’m much more into a subdued look and gravitating back to smaller watches in general.

  8. Great review!


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