Made with precious gemstones

Established in 1960, Graff is a jewelry company that has decides to make watches. Known for its fine diamonds, it was a natural progression for the company to start producing some of the finest watches as well. It is as such that every watch is designed and inspired by diamonds.

The look and feel of every diamond is that of a perfectly cut diamond. Made in Geneva, these watches are created with the highest levels of Swiss horology in mind.


The gem-setting that Graff is known for is incorporated into every watch made by the company. As you will see when looking at each of the watches, the precision is almost identical to what you would find in the jewelry.

Made with personalised attention

You can look through the different collections to see the precision with which every watch is made. You will be impressed with the level of detail that goes into every watch and how the designs of the watches allow you to look your best while still enjoying one of the most accurate watches.

These watches include ones that are more jewelry than watch as well as those that are more classic timepieces without even one diamond in it. It is through this that you will find the watch that best suits your needs.


Of course, when it comes to a watch, looks aren’t everything. You need a watch you can depend on. It is why every Graff watch includes precise movements that maintain the accuracy of the watch. The cases are designed to withstand shock and to maintain the accuracy of the movement.

The strap is designed to combine with the elegance of the watch itself. This way, you will have a watch you can easily strap on when you want to look good and still tell the time.

While these watches are elegant and precise, they are also not made for everything you want to do in life. Reserving these watches for special occasions and formal events is a good idea. It allows you to have a watch you can look great in, but maybe won’t be able to run a marathon in.
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