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  1. Michael,

    I saw your review of the GPW men’s watches and I noticed an all blue watch in one of the pictures. Do you happen to know the model # and/or where I can find it. I went to GPW’s website but I did not see it.

    Also, I have a 7″-7.25″ wrist and I wonder if the 50.5 mm overall size would still fit. Any thoughts?

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Sandy Dakofsky

    • Hi Sandy. I am unaware of a blue model being available. As far a as the size is concerned I’m fairly certain it would fit your wrist well and be quite comfortable. I do not recommend the bund strap though. I would choose the standard leather or rubber strap versions or purchase a dive strap from Obris Morgan or Isofrane. Thanks for your comments and for reading.

    • Would it be possible to put a 20mm nato strap instead of the 22mm on this watch? Thanks

      • I’m sure it is possible, but why would you want to?

        • why not swap to NATO strap? Less comfortable? Not as nice looking?

          • I believe someone asked if they could put a 20mm nato on this, and this is a 22m lug. So, that is why I replied, why would one want to. I am not a fan of nato straps myself, but if you have a proper 22mm nato, it should look fine.

  2. Will the TRASER Luminox Titanium Watch Band 3600 / 22mm fit and look good on this watch?

  3. The bezel marks a second time zone. Just turn the 12-triangle to the midnight point on your watch and you can now easily read two separate time zones – one by position of the hands, one by number on the bezel.

  4. zulu watch bands DALUCA watch bands work well

  5. Hi Michael
    I am new to the watch world but i heard that for military watches are better if they are quartz, espellially if used with fire arms.
    What is your opinion?
    Thank you for all your work

    • Many automatic watches have shock protection system and really well-made automatics will have a metal movement housing to help reduce shock. Find a well made automatic and you should be fine.

  6. The lume on this watch is so bad I sold the watch…The field model is supposed to have better lume

  7. Just got one recently and super happy with it . The lume seems decent … still visible in the wee hours (so maybe they improved it – though not tritium quality of course) and it came with a zipper pouch – I think they listened to your comment!
    I tracked time performance carefully and lost 6 seconds in the first week during continuous use. Pretty impressive. I use the Bezel for UTC, and like the look of the clean face design and the anti-reflective coating. I went with the NATO strap, since I tend to be really rough on watches. An accurate automatic in titanium with sapphire crystal, rotating bezel, screw-down crown and 200 meter… and (at least to me) it looks great. Seems like a lot of watch for the money. Thanks for the helpful review.

  8. Hey, just recieved my GPW automatic with rubber strap.

    Hey, just received my GPW automatic with rubber strap. So far, so good. Love the watch. Strap is a bit stiff, but I imagine it will break in. The value proposition cannot be questioned. If one wants a “work” watch, this is it. Will check in on long term performance, but not worried.

  9. I am interest in buy a used GPW Titanium automatic Watch but it comes with a leather strap, which if a I decide to buy it and want to replace it. Where can I get a different strap for the watch?

  10. I am hard on watches.
    I’ve worn this watch for 5 or 6 years and it is a tough hombre!
    It has performed flawlessly. Best all around watch I ever owned.
    Your review describes it very well.

  11. Dear Sir
    Are you still in business?

    • I am not sure who you are directing your question to. We are a review site. If you are wondering if GPW is still in business, I would contact them directly, though a quick look shows their website is still active.


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