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Review of the Citizen BL5250-02L


Throughout the watch collecting world, one often hears of the "grail watch." These are generally watches that an enthusiast has been lusting after for some time and plans to one-day own, but due to cost, rarity, or both, immediate ownership is not possible. Most watch collectors have not only a grail watch, but a list of grails. For me, these include such pieces as the Ernst Benz Great Circle Chronoscope, any titanium Panerai Luminor, Fortis Marine Master Chrono, Breitling SuperOcean Chr..

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Review of the Citizen Chrono-Time AT


The choice for an "always right" (solar-powered, atomic time synchronized) dress watch has, up to now, been somewhat limited. Apart from the Japan-only Seiko Brightz, the only watches in this space have been from Casio (and their Oceanus brand). The Casio watches that fit the technical specs (e.g. G-Shock GW-2500BD) can't really be classed as dress watches, and the Oceanus watches (like the OCW-S1000 "Manta") are expensive and have limited availability (indeed, Casio in the UK has abandoned ..

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Citizen BM6400-00E


One of the watches that's really held it's appeal to me is the Citizen PMT56-2711. Unfortunately, it's out of production and hard to find, so when a reader recently asked me for alternatives, I wasn't able to help. Since then, I've found the Citizen BM6400-00E. There's also a version with a bracelet, the BM6400-51E, although that doesn't seem to be sold in the US. Specifications: Water resistant to 200m (660ft). 40mm by 11mm. Anti-reflective mineral crystal. Stainless steel case. ..

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Citizen BJ8040-01E Titanium “EcoZilla”


Today, we bring you a treat. The beast in the flesh, the internet forum darling, the Citizen Ecozilla. The model for review is the BJ8040-01E, a large dive watch that makes you feel like an old-school diver from the minute it is strapped to your wrist. Lets review the stats: Dive watch rated to 300 meters (almost 1,000 feet). Titanium case. 6mm thick mineral crystal. Helium release valve. Uni-directional dive time bezel. 180 day power reserve. Citizen Eco-Drive solar quartz movem..

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Review of the Citizen Attesa ATV53-2933


About three or four years ago, I got an email from a reader chastising us for not having better coverage of Citizen. I remember thinking at the time that I really wanted more Citizen content on Watch Report, but that they just weren't doing anything all that interesting. I promised the reader that we would keep a closer eye on Citizen's new watches, and do our best to make sure they were better represented. Fast forward to the present, and Citizen is now one of my favorite brands. Since J..

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