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Casio G-Shock



The famous G-Shock series of watches from Casio have been specifically designed to give the watches a very robust mechanism in order to easily resist vibrations and mechanical shocks. The watches are specifically designed to withstand the roughness in use during sports, outdoor activities or any other similar military activities.

Casio started with the G-Shock series of watches in 1983 when company engineer Kikou Ibe designed the first Casio DW-5000C G-Shock watch.


The G-Shock Casio watches are very carefully designed with a lot of technology inputs put into it. Most of them are supported with the “Triple 10” development concept. The G-Shock watches developed with this concept are prone to resist up to 10 bar of pressure, 10 metres of free-fall endurance and 10-year long supportive battery life.

Robust and Rugged

All the G-shock watches are designed with such perfection and precision involving prominent bezel configuration which prevents any kind of direct contact of the screen and the buttons from flat surfaces. This protects the watch from any kind of shocks even when it falls at any angles. This case design concept is common across its various designs from analog, to teal and urethane cases.


Each G-Shock watch comes with a sensor technology for high-precision and accurate detections of any kind of sudden changes in the natural phenomenon. Moreover, its recent built-in atomic technology helps to syncronize with the time calibration signals and correct the time automatically.

Lasts really long

The G-Shock watches come with solar powered batteries with huge power storage capacity. The solar panels are placed on the top of the watch and are powerful enough to convert even a weak illumination of fluorescent light into electrical power. As a result, you just never need to worry about running out of insufficient battery juice.


These multi-functional watches from G-Shock are one-of-its-kind time-keeping watches that offer a unique blend of style, rogue, technology and designs. With unmatched sustainability to external conditions, your G-Shock can be your best companion during any hour of the day.

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