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Baume & Mercier


How it all started

Baume & Mercier was founded in 1830 when two brothers, Louis-Victor and Celestin Baume decided to start a family business making watches. They vowed to only create exceptional models with cutting-edge innovations. They soon developed a reputation as a result.


They maintained their dedication to “Accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality”. At this time, Baume & Mercier was known as Frères Baume Company. With the creation of things like pocket-watches for women, the company soon enjoyed massive expansion.

The next chapter of the history for Baume & Mercier was written when William Baume, company director in the early 1920s, met with Paul Mercier and decided to join forces to create even better wristwatches. In short fashion, Baume & Mercier became one of the most active in their field by offering remarkable watches geared towards both women and men.

By combining the femininity women were looking for with the high quality and precise standards gentlemen needed, the company was off to a great new beginning.

Keeping up with the modern trends

Modern collections maintain the balance of elegance, precision and exacting standards to create timepieces that are not only stunning to look at, but maintain accuracy at all times. Made for both men and women, these watches still maintain the use of cutting-edge technology to create the best timepiece of the time. All 5 collections provide a timepiece that provides the kind of look you’re going for when you want a timepiece that will impress everyone around you.


As the seventh oldest Swiss watchmaking brand, Baume & Mercier still garners international recognition for creating some of the most stunning and accurate timepieces available on the market today. It is intended for this legacy to be passed on to a new generation of watchmakers to keep the company name alive and well while providing stellar timepieces to an adoring public.

Whether celebrating a special moment in your life, or you just want to celebrate all your accomplishments in retrospect, Baume & Mercier is the timepiece you can turn to and make an impression. Choose from one of the 5 current collections to own a timepiece you will cherish.

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