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Apple Watch Wins Design Award


Apple Watch Wins Design Award The Apple Watch isn’t officially out yet but already the smartwatch has won a prestigious award. Every year since 1954 the German-based iF International Forum Design has handed out its awards for excellence in design. These prizes, especially the coveted gold award, are chosen by judges from 2,000 entries in a number of categories and this year the Apple Watch was one of two gold winners in the telecommunications category. By now Apple is accustomed to bein..

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The Apple Watch – Geek Appeal vs. Snob Appeal


The Apple Watch – Geek Appeal vs. Snob Appeal   One fact stood out at Monday’s Apple press event and that is that the Cupertino-based tech behemoth is aiming for two distinct groups with its first wearable device: geeks and status seekers. The former will buy the entry-level Apple Sport or Apple Watch for all the health features and cool apps while the latter will be forking over thousands of bucks for the 18k gold Edition version because it’s the latest pricey status symbol. Prices..

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Brikk Announces 30 Luxury Models of Apple Watch


Brikk Announces 30 Luxury Models of Apple Watch While we have yet to learn the exact pricing of Apple’s top of the line 18k gold Edition watch, we can bet that it won’t be extravagant enough for some well-heeled status seekers who must have the latest and most ostentatious luxury items. For those conspicuous consumers, Brikk has just announced their Lux Watch product line. Included in the Lux Watch collection are 30 jewel-encrusted models of the Apple Watch available in three versions:..

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The Apple Watch Rumors – True or False?


The Apple Watch Rumors - True or False?   Today’s long-awaited launch of the Apple Watch is a bit like the Academy Awards in that there’s a large audience waiting anxiously to find out exactly what’s going to happen. For months we’ve been hearing rumors, speculation and all kinds of predictions about what Apple’s very first wearable device will do, how much it will cost and practically everything else except the few meager details that were revealed back in September. Here..

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Apple Invites Media to “Spring Forward”


Apple Invites Media to “Spring Forward” Next weekend we will be bombarded with reminders to “spring forward” as Daylight Savings Time kicks in for 2015, even though most of us don’t really need warning since our computers and mobile devices will handle the time change without our help. There is one such message that’s likely to grab our attention since it indicates that we’re finally going to get the lowdown on the most anticipated new timepiece of the year. On Thursday, ..

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