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Since 1993, Alpha has been creating some of the most beautiful European made and inspired watches. Honoring the watchmaking tradition has helped to provide Alpha with a strong foothold into the watch industry.


Not only does every watch pass the waterproofing tests conducted by Swiss Vacuum equipment. Custom made projects are made available for those not able to find any of the styles they’re personally looking for.

Just ask and this company will give you exactly the watch you’re looking for. There are plenty to choose from as well as your ability to choose one that is custom made.

Design Edge

Alpha watches are made using mechanical designs that meet almost every design element. The online aspect to the company means you’re going to enjoy efficiency in your watch-making as well as an elegant timepiece you can enjoy wearing anywhere you go.

Seeing as every watch is created with the consumer in mind, you will have someone around to assist you. They can walk you through the entire process and what your final timepiece will look like when it is finished.


By working individually with the clients to create featured watches, you will easily find the watch that is right for you. You can also choose from the watch that best suits your needs.

With watches made for practically every leisure activity and some created with the military in mind you are sure to find a timepiece you can wear the next time you’re on an adventure.

From multifunction dials to hands that accurately display the time for you, it is hard to compare another watch to that of Alpha watches. Many of their watches pay tribute to the history of watchmaking itself.

Any kind of weather and in any level of society, you’re going to find a watch to make you feel right at home. Alpha definitely has what it takes to start demanding for you to get your way.

Show off you style, elegance and class when you purchase one of these highly accurate and stunning to look at timepieces. There will definitely be no shortage of compliments.
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