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Review of the Luminox 2002


Continuing our Luminox reviews, today we have the just-discontinued model 2002 GMT watch. Described as an "Executive Traveller Watch," it combines the utility of tritium illumination with a nice case, bracelet, 24-hour bezel, and separate 24-hour hand. Let's get started with some specifications: 40mm by 11mm, 125g. Quartz movement, 45-month battery life with end-of-life warning. Stainless steel case and bracelet. Mineral crystal (appears to be internally convex). Hour/minute/second..

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Review of the Luminox LWAC-B Travel Alarm Clock

Luminox LWAC-B-Travel-Alarm-Clock

Today's review is a bit unusual because although it's 1mm smaller than the newest Panerai, it's not a wristwatch; rather, it's the Luminox LWAC-B travel alarm clock. When Luminox USA contacted us recently, we perused their product line and were surprised to learn that they offer travel alarms, but if you think about it for a minute, the permanent glow is perfect for an alarm clock. Let's start with some specifications: Product LWAC-B, PVD aluminum, also available non-PVD as model LWAC. M..

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Review of the Luminox EVO SEAL Colormark 3051


If you've ever wondered what sort of watch would suit military personnel, SWAT teams and police departments, then today's review of the Luminox EVO SEAL Colormark 3051 might be of interest. Let's start off with the specifications: Waterproof to 200m (660ft) Mineral crystal Non-screw-down, double-gasket crown Quartz movement with end-of-life indicator (second hand starts jumping when the battery is low) and date complication 45 month battery life 60 click ratcheting bezel 44mm wi..

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Review of the Luminox Navy Seal (3001)

I look at a lot of different metrics when evaluating and reviewing a watch, however there's one metric that I hold above all others: wrist time. Wrist time is simply the amount of time I wear a watch beyond the amount of time needed to review it. The Luminox Navy Seal does very well in this category. Although I can't pinpoint exactly why, I've been wearing it pretty consistently for weeks. I think it's a combination of comfort, tritium gas tube illumination (which I've really come to love..

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The Luminox Blackbird 9000 Series

I've really been intrigued by Luminox watches for some time, and I've been been looking for just the right one to add to my collection. With the new Luminox Blackbird 9000 series, and specifically the 9032 chronograph (pictured at right), I may have finally found just the right one. What primarily makes Swiss-made Luminox watches unique is their illumination system. All Luminox watches contain tiny, gas-filled glass tubes installed in the hands, hour markers, and sometimes bezel which glo..

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