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Reviews by Brand


  1. How about some Anonimo reviews? Thanks.

  2. Stay away from Baume & Mercier. I received one for Christmas and it died after a month. Sent it to Baume & Mercier for repairs and they were going to charge me $400. I declined. They made me pay the postage. What a ripoff. Terrible quality and awful customer service.

  3. Does anyone know anything about Gab Marine watches. I have looked everwhere and can only find ones for sale on ebay, but no information on who makes them and where they are made. I received one for graduating from university in 2003 and would like to know more about it. Thanks

  4. Guys could you review “Carrera watches”(yeah the company that makes the sunglasses). Besides glassed they also make automatic wrist watches which cost about 300$. I couldnt find their official website though i could get listings from their dealers.

  5. welder watches?

  6. Do all automatic watches have a screw down crown?

    • No, screw down crowns are generally seen on dive watches or watches that boast a water resistance in excess of 100M+. I have had many 100m or less watches that don’t have screw down crowns. It just depends on the watch and how tight that fit between the case and the crown needs to be.

  7. How would you rate the  mens Longine’s Grande Classique Ultra Slim

    • Hi Bates, 

      We haven’t been fortunate enough to review a Grande Classique Ultra Slim, sorry. I will look into it for you and see if we can get our hands on one. 

  8. Are you going to ever review a Deep Blue model?

  9. What do you know about Invicta watches? Specifically, the Men’s Invicta II Silver Dial Watch.

  10. I am concidering a tissot PRC 200 autoquartz but am having a hard time finding a solid review. Does anyone have any expeance or concerns with this watch? As far as entry level watch go Tissot seems to be a well respected brand so I am more concerned with the longevity and durability of this hybrid movement.

  11. I’d like your thoughts on Raymond Weil’s and the new Guess GC lineup.

  12. Why do I never seem to see Zodiac watches reviewed anywhere?

  13. Lossing rewiev of Concord watches, this amazing brand from 1907 Such was suite boring at one point but now have gotten way up there toghether with Hublot FM and some other really cool brands

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