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Bertucci A3-T Navigator Ti-Matic Watch Review

Bertucci Hands on Watch Reviews

Bertucci A3-T Navigator Ti-Matic

The 42mm case is all brushed titanium, with nicely curved lugs, and the screw down crown at 3 o’clock. One of Bertucci Watches key features, is their solid lug bar system, which they deem as “unbreakable”. Now, while I believe that nothing is truly unbreakable, the solid titanium lug bars are without a doubt going to be more sturdy than screw in bars or your standard spring bar lug system. I would say the chances of you ever breaking one of them and having the watch fall off in one of your activities is probably going to be slim, but on the safe side I am not going to personally say that it’s impossible.

Bertucci A3-T Navigator Ti-Matic

The dial is nice and clean with large Arabic numerals and the date at the 3 position. The outer track of the dial has the minute/second hash marks with numbers for every 10 seconds/minutes.The white hands and markers pop off of the matte black dial and make it very legible, and has that military/pilot watch look to it.

Bertucci A3-T Navigator Ti-Matic

When it comes to the leather strap, I am not overly fond of one-piece straps, whether they are leather or fabric, but with solid lug system, I understand it. With that said, the strap is Horween, which if you are not familiar is some of the nicest leather you can purchase, and whether you are a watch company or a custom strap maker, horween usually commands a premium. The color is listed as a nut brown, and is a beautiful shade of a dark brown with a slight distressed look to it. The backside is a light tan color and the whole strap is supple and smooth and feels great on the wrist. The stitching is well done and the buckles and keepers are metal (titanium?) for long-term durability.

Bertucci A3-T Navigator Ti-Matic

In the video, I remark about the strap not having another keeper, and I show how some tongue is sticking out from the left side of the strap, while on my wrist. If you look at the pictures in the review, you will see I don’t have that issue. That is because when doing the video, I didn’t have the strap pulled through all the way to be centered properly, so the pictures here more correctly show how the strap should look and wear on the wrist. I find the watch comfortable to wear on my 7 ½ wrist and the strap sitting underneath the case back does not make it sit too high nor make it awkward looking.

Bertucci A3-T Navigator Ti-Matic

The lume being used is listed as Swiss Superluminova and is above average in my opinion, but not going to light up the room by any means. I noticed the hands were brighter than the lumed numbers, so maybe another application of lume compound could be applied to them to make them brighter and match the hands.

Many of you know I am a big fan of the Miyota 9015 movement, and their is no need to discuss accuracy at this point, as I have covered that in countless reviews. The movement is a workhorse with a smooth sweeping second hand, and this example is no different.

Bertucci A3-T Navigator Ti-Matic

As I’m writing this review, I realized that while most brands keep going up in their prices, Bertucci is offering this model in full titanium, with a Horween Leather strap, sapphire crystal and Miyota 9015 automatic movement, for just over $400. I would say that is a pretty good value, when it comes to comparing other watches out there in the current market. Its a good looking watch on the wrist, is lightweight and could be your field watch, or just your everyday or weekend casual watch. While it does have a screw down crown, it is only listed at 100m water resistant, so obviously this is a watch you would not be taking in the pool with you, especially with the leather band. I’m guessing if you were to change the band, you could, and should be fine, but I would not go beyond that. Overall I think it is a great value, and another nice example from Bertucci watches.

You can see this model and more from Bertucci Watches HERE

Thank you to Bertucci for providing this Navigator Ti-Matic for review and I look forward to your comments below.


I've been an avid watch lover since the age of 7. Watches are not only my hobby but a passion. My favorite style used to be dive watches, but field or non bezel watches have been growing on me. When I'm not reviewing watches I am either cooking or with family and friends.


  1. I know this review is quite old now but I really enjoyed reading it.
    I came across their recent Bargain-Bin sales and was able to pick one up at $290.
    Fantastic watch and build quality!
    I personally love Miyota 9015, though many people complain about its “loud rotor noise” – it almost feels like the watch is speaking to me…
    Love the lume and its overall ruggedness.

    I’m excited for their new releases in the end of this summer too.


    • Thanks for the comment. Glad to hear you got one and enjoy it. It’s been so long, I forgot about this review until I saw your comment. Yes, will be nice to see what they come up with for the new models. Hope you enjoy the site, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you already are not. Thanks again.

      • Hello Don,

        I’ve been looking for one of these models the past couple of years but have never had any luck. Are you aware of a site that still has them in stock (new or used) or know anyone who’d like to sell?

        Also wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed your article and hope to hear from you soon.



        • Unfortunately if the Bertucci site doesn’t have them then I don’t know what to say. Have you reached out to them directly? You can also look for one preowned on eBay or Watchrecon.

          • Thanks for the feedback Don I’ll check watch recon!


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