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The case back is a screw down case back, as the watch is water resistant to 100m. The case back displays a nice laser etching, with a nice combination of finishes – high polished and the etching done in a frosted finish.


On the wrist it fits very nicely. With my 7 ½ inch wrist, the lug to lug is a little on the short side for me, but many people do not like a long lug to lug on a watch, so this is would be a good option for those. I can never seem to get nato style straps to fit me right. The buckle never is centered in the middle of the wrist for me. That is the case here as well. But I don’t think that has anything to do with the strap, maybe just more my weird wrist shape or something.


Overall, I think it is a good looking model from Ballast. I do like the glossy black dial and the use of all metal applied markers. As I said above, I like the upgraded sapphire crystal, but it could use an inner AR coating to help reduce glare. Also, I feel the patch on the back of the strap could have been placed elsewhere or left off entirely.  For me, I would be changing the strap to a maybe more of a darker brown two-piece strap, which would make it more of a crossover to be a dress/casual watch.

If you are looking for a nice casual grab and go quartz watch, this is a good option. At the full retail pric, I feel it is a little expensive, but I believe it can be found cheaper at or elsewhere.

The Ballast Odin is well made, an attractive watch, and does come in different finishes and dial colors.

Would you recommend to a friend: Yes

Would you purchase for yourself: Yes, but only with a different t strap.


You can check out the Odin and more on Ballast’s website here:

Thank you to Ballast Watches for providing this watch for review.

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